Grace and Nick

Grace and Nick have been dancing together almost as long as they've been dancing blues. This has led to a partnership that is fully formed and intuitive, both on the floor and while teaching. They frequently compete together, placing in events across the country and even internationally such as European Blues Invasion (London, UK), Mile High Blues (Denver, CO), Nocturne (NYC, NY), and North Star Blues (Minneapolis, MN). Their drive to continue growing gives them a great opportunity to improve their knowledge base for instruction as well.

In classes taught by Grace and Nick, you can expect a detail oriented, technical analysis of aesthetics and movement within the blues idiom. Their warmth and generosity make them excellent, approachable instructors, and both are quick to jump into a rotation and work directly with students when the opportunities arise. Students also praise Grace’s music choices for classes, as each song is carefully selected to set a certain tone and perfectly fit the material being taught.

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What Their Students Say

Grace and Nick taught my very first blues workshop. By the end of the weekend, I had fallen in love with blues all over again. Despite being a beginner at the time, they were really approachable and have continued to be a resource to me. Super fun, knowledgeable, and friendly! (Not to mention they have great hair).

​Marlee Litzinger, San Luis Obispo

I previously helped run the blues scene in Houston with a very small group, and we brought Grace and Nick into town to teach workshops several times. I am constantly impressed by how well they are able to craft classes that are rich in history, movement quality, and fun, speaking both as an organizer and as a student. They consistently set a good pace for classes based upon level and expertly guide the lesson to focus on the the most apt topics for the class’s learning. A bit more personally, as an organizer, Grace and Nick have been an indispensable fountain of wisdom for all things related to running a happy, healthy blues scene/event. They conduct themselves professionally and generously both on and off the dance floor.

Blaine Gardner, Denver

I found Nick and Grace to be gracious and accommodating to my specific interests (solo blues, latin blues and struttin’). I walked away with a clearer understanding of the building blocks, historical context, and able to hear new opportunities in the music. Also with a new found appreciation for torchy’s tacos and kolaches.

Franz Jundis, San Francisco

Nick and Grace are extremely knowledgable in the mechanics and history of blues dance, and teach in a relaxed, but conscious manner that nurtures creativity within the blues aesthetic. I love how they bounce ideas off each other, making their lessons flexible and specific to the student. However, what I appreciate most about Nick and Grace is that they make their students feel awesome– although I had felt exhausted and frustrated by the amount of material left to marinate in my brain, I came away knowing that I am a better dancer.


Pejing Lee, San Francisco

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